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Be Good

Mia Raspanti

Opinions Editor

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I got my heart broken yesterday

By the guy who told me he would stay

He blamed it on me

Told me I’m too needy

But his wants and needs proved him to be greedy.

I turned my head

And bit my tongue

He shot through my heart with a gun.

I held onto the past

And made so many excuses

For him, my heart spread vast

The pain that the thought of him induces.

I didn’t know him anymore

He treated me like a chore

As I fell to the floor

This pain, unable to ignore.

I got my heart broken the day before last

I’m fragile

I’m weak

My trust was surpassed.

He’s on my mind

His face, his eyes

The mouth I once kissed

He now uses it for lies.

You said you would stay

That you'd never end it this way

My heart once bloomed like flowers in May

Now my pain is on display.

I gave you my all

You once gave me yours too

I did everything right

And your interest still flew.

I took you back once, and again and again

But this cycle, my tears, must come to an end.

I’m growing and changing and trying my best

The sound of your voice now tightens my chest.

What was butterflies has evolved to flames

Your words cut deep

Like a knife in my veins.

What we had will never again be

After the way you treated me

The time I once wasted on you

Has floated away like a fish in the sea.

You thanked me for understanding

You told me ‘Be Good’

My pain remains misunderstood.

I hope you’re happy

I pray that you’re fine

Now that our hearts no longer align.

If you find someone else

Please treat her right

Don't let her cry herself to sleep at night

Or find any excuse to start a fight.

Be gentle and kind

Admire her like art

In your mind

Please always keep my heart.


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