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Areas Around RIC to take spring pictures

Isabella Santoro

Photography Editor

Photo via Isabella Santoro

Spring is here and there are some great locations around RIC that you can snap some amazing pictures at. Why not get great views of floral scenery, water, and animals all around campus and right outside of it.

Right Here on Campus

All around campus, we’ve got some wonderful views to snap photos of. With spring here and flowers and trees blooming, there are some awesome spots around campus. Right near the Alex and Ani building there are tulips in bloom and some spectacular cherry blossom trees right as you walk by. They would make for great portraits or for your portfolio, even.

Waterplace Park

During the spring, the Water place park is a sight to behold. With a great view of the city skyline all around the park and the water is awesome to take pictures of, especially at night when the sun is setting. All the colors that are on display at night are amazing to snap photos of, especially with the flowers in bloom as well.

Riverside Park

Riverside Park in Olneyville has an amazing waterfall to take great pictures of, surrounded by greenery and flowers as well. There is even a lake you’re able to swim on so you can also get awesome shots of the water. There is a great trail as well that runs a good distance so you can take a relaxing walk and snap some shots while you’re at it.

Wanskuck Park

This open area park in Providence’s Wanskuck, near RIC is an excellent park to take shots of trees and portraits. In fact, if you need to take graduation photos, this would be a cheaper and closer option for you. You can get awesome shots for weddings and other events as well. If you’re looking for a good place to take pictures and bring your dog, this is a great park for that!

Peace and Plenty Park

This cool park in Providence’s South Providence is a great park for kids to play at and they even have a community garden set up. This is a wonderful area to get great shots of flowers and gardens. Lots of birds and other animals hang around too, so you’re guaranteed to get awesome shots of them. This park is especially great for floral photography!


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