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Anchor Staff Favorites: Music

Olivia Barone

Arts & Entertainment Editor

The Anchor is home to a diverse range of students, meaning that our tastes in music vary. From rock & roll to Japanese indie, here are some of The Anchor’s favorite musical artists to add to your next playlist. Can we make it onto your Spotify wrapped before it’s too late?

The Anchor’s News Editor, Shawnna Forget, shared her love for hip-hop, jazz and rap artist Mac Miller. She remarked on his music as a “true reflection of his life and experiences” and the versatility of his discography. Miller’s music prompts both good and bad memories for Shawnna and ultimately excites her to sit down and listen in. Shawnna’s favorite Miller song is “I’ll be there” and her favorite album is the 2016 release, “The Divine Feminine.”

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Staff Writer Malcolm Streitfeld adores musician Gavin Dunne. Malcolm describes Dunne as “a punk-rock viking artist who pulls no punches.” Dunne is versed in a range of genres from jazz and classical to death metal and country and is most known for his project, Miracle of Sound. Malcolm professed that “[Dunne’s] Kickass music always lights a fire in [his] soul,” especially his Celtic mythology inspired sound and Irish historical anthems. Dunne’s music is especially popular among the online video game community and has been dubbed Ireland’s most successful indie musician by fans.

Kelcy Conroy, another Staff Writer, is a fan of Lamp. A Japanese indie band, Lamp can be described as city-pop with jazz influence. Members Taiyo Someya, Yusuke Nagai and Kaori Sakakibara have perfected their unique sound and wormed their way into the hearts of explorative American fans, like Kelcy, looking to diversify their playlists. Kelcy’s favorite song from Lamp is “Yume Utsutsu.”

Isabella Santoro, Staff Writer and The Anchor’s resident poet, claims Coldplay as her favorite band. Most recognizable for their songs “Yellow,” “Viva La Vida” and “Something Just Like This,” almost everyone is familiar with Coldplay and how the alternative rock band shaped many people’s high school years. Isabella also shared her love for similar bands like the Arctic Monkeys and The 1975, as well as her adoration for the indie and alternative rock genres.

Editor-in-Chief Mel Rising Dawn Cordeiro excitedly shared her interest in iconic rock band, Fleetwood Mac. She challenged that no other band could write an entire album without speaking to each other, namely Fleetwood Mac’s album “Rumours,” and use it as a healing tool. Mel admires the band’s history of overcoming hardship while producing quality music. She also claims to have the most unique Fleetwood Mac tattoo in ode to the band and its rocking 1970s discography. Ask her about it next time you see her.

Our Assistant Arts & Entertainment editor, Sophia DiNaro, is who I turn to for music suggestions. Her favorite band, Alvvays, is a Canadian indie-pop band made up of five talented musicians. Sophia explained that the band makes her want to “dance and scream and sob” all at once for its nostalgic feel and emotional lyrics. Alvvays’s most popular songs include “Archie, Marry Me” and “Dreams Tonite,” both being upbeat soundtracks with that classic indie-band air.

As someone who will listen to just about anything that I can jam to, picking my favorite musician is a difficult feat. Despite the wide range of my playlist, I am fond of the indie-rock band, The Happy Fits, who’ve recently finished their “Under the Shade of Green” tour in celebration of their newest album. Their music is high-energy and easy to shout to, making car rides with The Happy Fits cathartic. Lead singer Calvin Langman is enthusiastic and innovative for his use of cello rather than guitar in his music.

We are always interested in what our readers are listening to. Are your tastes similar to ours, or are they entirely different? Message us on our socials and let us know.


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