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Allen Waters (Political Profiles)

Raymond Baccari

Anchor Staff Writer

PROVIDENCE, R.I., — In an interview with Anchor Staff Writer Raymond Baccari earlier this month, Allen Waters, the Republican nominee in 2020 versus U.S. Senator Jack Reed, spoke about a variety of topics including what prompted him to run for Congress in Rhode Island’s First Congressional District in 2022.

Additionally, Waters addressed key issues such as term limits for members of Congress, passing The Fair Tax Act in Congress, D.C. and Puerto Rico statehood, and packing the Supreme Court by adding more justices.

Waters also talked about his political origins, what he identifies as politically, would he have voted to impeach President Donald Trump both times if he was in Congress, who would he support for Speaker of the House if elected to a Republican-led House in 2022, and his plans for the campaign if Rhode Island loses a Congressional Seat after the U.S. Census data is released.

Towards the end of the interview, Waters spoke with Baccari about non-political topics such as what he thinks Rhode Island is best known for.




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