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Alexandra Maxwell: up and coming creator

Lissette Quiñones

Arts & Entertainment Editor

Image via Alexandra Maxwell

Looking for new films to watch? Well, look no further.

Recent attendee of Marymount Manhattan College in New York, Alexandra Maxwell, is an aspiring film director and actress – and creator of her very own Almax Productions. Almax Productions is the name of her YouTube channel, where she has uploaded three of her very short films, and it's where you too can subscribe and support one of Rhode Island’s very own up and coming artists!

Subscribe HERE

Her first short film is about three and a half minutes, titled “Missing Piece.” It is an unofficial music video, showing two characters who feel lost in their lives, almost as if lost within two separate worlds, until they meet one another and feel complete, as if their “Missing Piece” is finally found. Different scenes are captured of them roaming around New York City, where they fall in love. This wholesome film is for those who too feel lost within their worlds, providing them hope once again through the characters’ perspective.

Watch “Missing Piece” HERE

She also created the film “Materialistic Realization,” which captures the idea of how wanting it all comes with a very big price to pay. This nearly two and a half minute short film opens with a character receiving what we assume is great news based on her expressions. It then cuts to the character shopping around the big city in some of the most expensive stores known. Her journey seems to be a dream come true, especially when she is seen walking out with multiple bags in her hands and a huge grin splattered from cheek to cheek. However, the realization of such a lifestyle comes at the very end, where she opens up her mail one last time, yet this time it is her credit card bill which is, needless to say, through the roof! It goes to show the difference between a dream and reality.

Watch “Materialistic Realization” HERE

The last film available on the channel is about a minute long, titled “Healing through movement- Somatic Awareness.” It shows how the art of bodily movement can be the only thing you need to feel something, to feel complete within yourself. Different angels and small scenes of the dancers are captured in this film to portray this idea.

Watch “Healing through Movement” HERE

Originally from Rhode Island, Alexandra Maxwell is a previous graduate of the North Kingstown Highschool, class of 2021. A great friend and an amazing creator, her character is portrayed throughout her work because of her everlasting determination and undeniable creativity!


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