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A Series of Unfortunate Jets Events

David Blais

Asst. Sports Director

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In the 2018 NFL Draft, five quarterbacks were selected within the first round. There were multiple quarterback prospects that were deemed to be “franchise quarterbacks” making it one of the most anticipated drafts in history. The list of QBs included multiple Heisman Trophy winners (essentially the MVP of college football award) and record setters. With the third overall pick in the draft, the New York Jets (NYJ) selected Sam Darnold out of the University of Southern California (USC). During his time with the USC Trojans, he threw for over 7,000 yards and 57 touchdowns making him more than fitting for being a top five pick.

Over the past 20 years, the NYJ have had 10 different starting quarterbacks with Mark Sanchez being the most successful, but was not fit for being the franchise player they needed at QB. With selecting Darnold, the Jets felt they had finally had the man they have needed for decades. They thought correct, Sam Darnold has been an okay quarterback throwing for 40 touchdowns and over 7000 yards in his first three years as quarterback. These are lower than expected numbers that Darnold was projected to have.

The reason for an under performed Sam Darnold is the New York Jets organization as a whole. This is clearly obvious with them currently being winless at an 0-8 record this season. A main reason for the Jets being the worst franchise in football is the front office and coaching staff being disorganized and delusional. Mike Maccagnan took over as general manager for the NYJ in 2015 after a variety of jobs in different football teams throughout the NFL. Since taking over however, the Jets have had an overall 31-49 record. Not only just that, they have had three different head coaches since 2014 that have had little to no impact on the franchise at all. Current head coach Adam Gase should already be out of a job due to his lack of experience, leadership, and interest in the team as a whole. Reports of him being confrontational and disrespectful to players as well shows tensions within the org as a whole.

Sam Darnold is more than capable of being an elite quarterback talent within the National Football League This will never be achieved however as long as he is in New York. The Jets are notorious for being stubborn and not committed to changing their old ways. Darnold deserves to be on a team that cares for him and for the game of football. The New York Jets franchise will never achieve anything besides losing if nothing changes soon.


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