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A broken legacy?

Samantha Gervais

Assistant Opinions Editor

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Without a doubt, everyone has heard of the new video game “Hogwarts Legacy” and how much controversy the game has brought with its release. All over social media, the video game has caused what feels like an all out war between the people who say, “it is okay to play the game” against the “never socialize with me again if you buy this game” statuses being posted.

For the streamers who had early access to the game and broke an incredible amount of Twitch streaming records, they did not exactly receive the great reception I’m sure they were hoping for. One story shared on UNILAD talks about two streamers both streaming the game to raise money for charity, until their chat began to harass them, forcing them to end the stream. Another streamer on the platform was, once again, bullied and harassed so vehemently that they were also forced to stop playing the game and end their stream and their account being taken down by their own choice, not Twitch doing so.

What was once a beloved story about a boy wizard going off to school in a magical world full of fantasy and wonder and a beloved escape for so many is now being ridiculed, scrutinized, and canceled for its now rising and questionable themes. The internet has taken to investigating the themes in which J.K. Rowling has written her stories, seeing themes of apparent antisemitism, racism, and transphobia, via her own views.

Making these views all abundantly clear, Rowling has put quite the divide among her fans that have grown with the series. Myself, I grew up with the series and it helped me through a plethora of hardships. As one can imagine, hearing these extreme views Rowling has and seeing the divide and hurt that it has inflicted on people in and beyond her own fan base has left a giant mark on me—and not a good one.

Harry Potter used to be a fantastic escape. This series used to bring people together, having people make friends and being a conversation starter. Funny enough, it brought myself and one of my life-long best friend's together. We met through Harry Potter. Now with “Hogwarts Legacy” making its debut on February 10, and Rowling’s views taking center stage in the worst way possible, Harry Potter is doing the exact opposite of what it has done for its community over a decade ago. A series once meant for bringing the world together is now dividing people more than ever. Who could have ever imagined that happening?

I do not believe that people should be bullied so horrendously they should be forced off social media. Everyone is entitled to their stance, their opinion, all of it. Though, two wrongs don’t make a right; it costs nothing to say nothing at all. Stand up for what you believe in. But please, don’t possibly pull someone else’s mental health with you in the process. Try to educate them in the best way possible why you feel the way you do.


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