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NFL overreactions: 19-0 take two?

Joseph A. Griswold, Asst. Sports Editor

The start of the NFL season offers a unique opportunity to overreact to any and every thing that happens in the early weeks of Fall. For example, The New England Patriots who have accomplished virtually everything that a dynasty can over the past twenty seasons, have built one of their most versatile and talented teams in recent years. Despite all the success, However, there is one goal that has eluded them and every team after 1972, that being an undefeated season. 
The New England Patriots are good, really good. In fact, from the outside the 2019-20 Patriots have the look of a team that could realistically complete the  undefeated season they so nearly came to completing in 2007: Overreaction? Maybe not. 
The Patriots cruised past the Pittsburgh Steelers in their week one matchup 33-3, which was a welcomed surprise to their typical maligned Septembers. In addition, the Patriots are heavy favorites for all of their games, for the first half of the season, where they will play zero teams that made the playoffs last season. Assuming they can cruise past their inferior opponents they should be in great shape heading into the portion of the year, where they normally play their best. 
The first real test for the Patriots comes week nine in Baltimore against the Ravens. Despite a troubled history with the Ravens, Tom Brady will be leading his team under the lights in primetime where he shines. Week 11 seems to be the next real challenge to the undefeated season as the Patriots head to Philadelphia to take on the Eagles. However, this falls after the Patriots bye week, where they have a full week to prepare. 
The last two challenges come in week 12 and week 14 in Foxboro when the Cowboys then the Chiefs come to town, however, the Patriots in November and December are virtually impossible to beat. If they can make it past the Chiefs in week 14, they finish the season with their three weak division rivals and will be set to enter the playoffs with a first week bye and an undefeated record. Although an undefeated season seems far away at the moment, if there is one team to do it, it is the Patriots.