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Netflix. review: Seis Manos

Sh-Ron Almeida, Anchor Staff

 In the sleepy town of 1970s San Simon, Mexico, three orphans train tirelessly in Chinese martial arts under the tutelage of their father figure, Sifu Chiu. After a series of events take place, tragedy strikes, their beloved teacher killed. Now, it is up to the grief-stricken trio, Isabela, Jesus, and Silencio, to track down and dismantle those responsible for his death. With the help of a Houston DEA agent and a local Mexican cop, they soon find themselves in a conspiracy full of occult forces, cartel brutality and corruption. 

  There is a reason why this Netflix original is rated MA and it shows. The martial arts techniques are aggressive, ruthless and very deadly. Graphic gore is sprinkled throughout. Seis Manos is not afraid to display its grindhouse content which sets it apart from other contemporary cartoons. 

  Many will appreciate the authentic Mexican elements that are also mixed with far east themes. It was clear that the writers worked hard to bring it to life. The characters are also likeable with a deep sense of humanity. The most complex and polarizing character in the show is the mute Silencio, whose many decisions can leave viewers speechless, pun intended. 

   However, Seis Manos is not without its flaws, narrative wise. Because it’s only eight episodes, the variety of plot elements feel disconnected from each other, making the investment fade away after reaching its climax. It would have been more watchable to have it be a revenge story if nothing else. 

   Overall, this is a show worth seeing, especially if you want to watch underrepresented, diverse characters kick ass and take names.