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Influending beautiful change

Kennedy Ryan, Anchor Staff

Imagine walking into your local Sephora store. You walk through rows of brightly colored products, scanning items with your smartphone to read reviews on each. Among them are brands that are cruelty free, vegan and more. There are endless options to choose from to find the perfect product for you. This purchasing experience is possible due to the influence of those who are part of Generation Z. 
While the beauty industry has always adjusted to trends of society, the upcoming influence of Generation Z is making a big impact. Gen Z, those born after 1997, are consumers that are starting to share their opinions with the world. Known for being active on social media and being raised in a digital age, Gen Z are always on top of trends and current events. Due to this, they not only are highly opinionated, but know exactly what they want. As a result, Gen Z has made a tremendous impact on the beauty industry.
In the past, many people maintained a similar beauty routine because there weren’t as many options. The only options for beauty included items at drugstores and popular beauty counters like those at Macy’s. These products were often strongly scented, included many harmful chemicals and had limited representation of different skin types.
Now, not only do brands promote products that are created for the needs of different skin types, but they also are influenced by social causes that are important to people. For example, many brands have started to become cruelty free. CoverGirl, a prominent drugstore makeup brand, has transitioned to completely cruelty free, as cruelty free products are important to their customer’s body and skin. 
While many older age groups may have different opinions on younger generations, people who are Gen Z are using their voices to make a difference. Their dedication to social change, demand for high quality products and desire for unique items makes Gen Z an unstoppable influence that the industry will continue to be affected by.