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How to break up with Oakland in six months or less

Jake Elmslie, Sports Editor

   Nearly 12 years after falling one headgear-related reception shy of spotless immortality on the back of an all time historic offense, the New England Patriots have yet again fallen into a disgruntled, uber talented wide receiver, entering his 30s who just wrapped up a sojourn with the Oakland Raiders. These are of course the details that link the Patriots arrival of both Canton enshrinee Randy Moss and all-pro social media pariah Antonio Brown. Now only time will tell if Brown’s Patriot career will play out anything like that of Moss’s, but either way Bill Belichick has once again disproven the common misconception that he is unwilling to bring in players who pose the risk of the dreaded “distraction” regardless of talent. 

   Brown represents the extreme end of this scale, over the last several months no player in the NFL has drawn more attention to himself than Brown. Lucky enough for AB, he also happens to be possibly the most talented player at his position in the world right now. Thusly, the seven time pro bowler presents the ultimate question of the perceived “Patriot way” vs overwhelming ability. 

   The Raiders and their broadcast crew of a leadership team made the decision that Brown, for all his talent, was not worth the admittedly gigantic pile of nonsense he brought to the forefront over his almost exactly six month long tenure as a member of the organization. A pile that included, but was not limited to, hot air balloon rides, circumcised feet, helmet sagas, and as of Friday evening wiretapping. Obviously even a sliver of what Jon Gruden and company endured over the past half a year will not fly under the eye of Belichick. With that the sports world at large can now wait and see if AB is ether a mastermind who engineered a multi-layered plan to wind up with a team he knew his original employer, the Pittsburgh Steelers, would never under any circumstances have traded him to, or if he truly is just the functionally insane person his recent actions have painted him as. 

   Regardless of the true machinations behind Mr. Big Chest’s brain, the Patriots at the least have undoubtedly their most talented wide out since Randy Moss shot his way out of Foxborough in 2010. And most likely just like Randy, Brown is here for a good time not a long time.