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Barcelona, Real Madrid fall flat in Champions League opener

Daniel Costa, Asst. Distribution Manager

   It was an exciting night for the famed soccer tournament, known as the Champion’s League. Starting with multiple games on Sept. 17 and Sept. 18, famous teams rose to the task while other notable clubs fell flat. Barcelona F.C, a Spanish club hailing from the city of the same name, delivered a disappointing performance in a 0-0 draw with the German side Borussia Dortmund. Even with offensive weapons such as Lionel Messi, Antoine Griezmann, and Luis Suarez, the Catalans could not pierce Dortmund’s defense. In fact, Dortmund had four shots on net compared to Barcelona’s one, their goalkeeper even had to save a penalty from the Germans. 

   Meanwhile in Paris, Barcelona’s rival Real Madrid, another Spanish team, were trounced in a 3-0 rout by the Parisian club Paris Sainte Germain. Angel Di Maria netted a fantastic strike to the back of the net as well as scoring yet again from a tight angle. German born Meunier of the Parisians scored late in injury time to make sure the Madrista’s went home thoroughly humiliated. 

   There were more notable clubs playing on the 18th and 17th. Italian giants Juventus F.C. and the Spanish club Atletico Madrid clashed in an entertaining 2-2 draw. Although Cristiano Ronaldo on the Juventus squad wasn’t able to net a shot, his presence was still felt on the pitch. Atletico were meanwhile saved by a goal at the 90th minute of the game, before which they were down 2-1. 

   English soccer delivered a bag of mixed results. Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola orchestrated a beautiful symphony in Kharkiv, Ukraine, winning 3-0 against Ukranian squad Shakhtar Donetsk.The other English sides were not so lucky; Chelsea F.C. were laid low by Valencia, while Liverpool F.C. were defeated 2-0 by Napoli of Italy. Tottenham were surprised by Greek club Olympiakos in a 2-2 draw, which many regard as the upset of the tournament thus far. The giants of European soccer have had their spot in the sun save one; Bayern Munich of Germany. The Bavarians defeated Serbian team Red Star Belgrade in the second 3-0 rout of the tournament.