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12 shades of blue

Abigail Nilsson, News Editor

    The 12 Democratic presidential candidates arrived in the Ohio arena looking for blood, particularly President Trump’s and Senator Warren’s. The Democratic presidential debate on Tuesday was nothing more than unresolved bickering among candidates. There were no questions regarding climate change, immigration, or LGBTQ rights in Tuesday’s debate. There were, however, questions relating to Trump’s impeachment, gun control, age and Ellen Degeneres. 

    It is clear that Sen. Elizabeth Warren is the most popular candidate at the moment. She was taking fire from everyone at the debate and she remained cool, calm and consistent with her unrealistic plans. Her plan to cover healthcare and childcare costs shows how Warren wants to take from the rich and give to the middle class.

    Fading behind Warren, former Vice President Joe Biden was tongue tied most of the debate and faded into the background until his last exchange with Warren where he basically said, “you wouldn’t be here lady if it wasn’t for me.”

    Sen. Amy Klobuchar was passionate about women’s health and had it out for Warren. She would fire snarky remarks at her in regards to how Warren will fund her healthcare plans. 

    Looking good for a man who just had a heart attack, Bernie Sanders was rocking shoulder pads which seemed to protect him from the relentless attacks. His health still remains a concern among voters as he seemed to get winded after his answers. Bernie Sanders had a clear presence on stage, and was feisty, authentic and passionate.

    The vegan on the stage, Sen. Cory Booker is happy go lucky and had his head in the clouds when it came to the debate questions he was asked. He was playing the role of a unifying hippie rather than a presidential candidate.

    Mayor Pete Buttigieg definitely did his homework when it came to Warren, but was short tempered with remarks that he was not so prepared with and responded with childish eye rolls rather than clear answers.

    Clearly buying his way on to the stage, billionaire Tom Steyer won some brownie points for bringing up climate change as part of his agenda.

    Rep. Tulsi Gabbard may have looked like Rogue from X-Men but she did not have any superhuman qualities to her in the debate. She was very robotic, and answered the questions in the debate by restating the question as if it were an answer.  

    Making a statement on mandatory buyback of guns, Beto O’Rourke reminded viewers that he still wants to confiscate guns.

   Sen. Kamala Harris was a little too focused on getting Trump off Twitter than her own presence on the stage at the debate.

    Far below the front runners, Julian Castro and Andrew Yang were the most unmemorable candidates on stage and kept getting lost in the mix. At times it seemed like Anderson Cooper even forgot about him.

    With Trump in a vulnerable position and the Democratic Party in disarray, the American people can look forward to the next debate on Nov. 20th.